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Rape and Culture is a performance created in collaboration with the Hidalgo festival.

Premiere: 9th of September 2021, Sugar Mountain München

Soprano: Ketevan Chuntishvili
Piano: Brigitte Helbig
Sound composition: Martine-Nicole Rojina
Dance and co-choreography: Sade Mamedova, Alfonso Fernández Sánchez, Shih-Ping Lin, Elodie Lavoignat
NARRATOR – Enea Boschen

Director: Tom Wilmersdörffer
Choreohraphy and codirection: Francesco Vecchione
Stage design: Linda Sollacher
Costumes: Joelle Gebauer
Make up: Judith Pürschel
Musical research: Anna-Doris Capitelli, Nasti Sokolova

Production menagement: Julia Wimmer
Technology and Art design: Lukas Kashube
Technical assistance: Philipp Frankl
Assistant director: Johanna Ortner

«then I screamed really loud: Stop it now! It is enough! Take your hands off of me!»