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World premiere: emma-theater Theater Osnabrück, May 13th 2023

Directed by: Francesco Vecchione

Music: Franz Schubert (from «Death and the Maiden), Luigi Tenco (Il tempo dei limoni), Jan van Triest (original composition and arrangement)

Choreography and performed by: Ayaka Kamei, Shih-Ping Lin, Easùl Llopis, Bojan Micev, Richard Nagy, Kesi Rose Olley Dorey, Valeria Schulz, Ambre Twardowski, Francesco Vecchione, Emanuela Vurro, Yi Yu

Stage: Francesco Vecchione

Light: Francesco Vecchione

Costumes: Francesco Vecchione

«Allow me to introduce you to ‘La Mia amica Ombra’, a macabre fairy tale with touches of surrealism. A labyrinth of images and stories where nothing is as it seems: a dream within a dream within a dream. Together with the dancers, Francesco Vecchione has given shape and life to his inner fantasy and demons. The emma-theater becomes a haunted house where imaginary characters appear from within the walls and start living their stories, constantly losing and finding each other again and again, as if stuck in the eternal loop of Limbo.»

photo: Oliver Look

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