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World premiere: Alte Feuerwache/Saarländisches Staatstheater, June 28th 2014

Choreography: Francesco Vecchione

Music: Philip Glass, «Violin Concerto/Prelude and Dance from Akhnaten, Company»; A. Silver Mt. Zion, » For Wanda»; Roberto Murolo, «Reginella».

Performers: Mirko Campigotto, Laura Halm/Kim Tassia Kreipe, Youn Hui Jeon, Loréne Lagrenade, Pascal Séraline, Francesco Vecchione/ Marioenrico D’Angelo

Lights and Stage: Francesco Vecchione, Reyes Perez

Costumes: Francesco Vecchione

‘…When you grow up, find a man, get married, have children and take care of your husband and family… be a good housewife’


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